Adopt a Child, Rekindle a life


Adopt a Child, Rekindle a life

The ongoing pandemic has had adverse effects on everyone. All around the country, we are losing people at a drastic rate.

There are a lot of Children who have lost both parents to COVID and are therefore up for adoption, with a number to contact if anyone wants to adopt.

However, if you wish to adopt a child who has been orphaned because of COVID, please contact CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority under Ministry of Women & Child Development), and go through the due process for adoption.

Union Minister for Women and Child Development SmritiIrani on Tuesday asked people to inform police about children who have lost both parents to Covid-19 and have no one to take care of them.

She said this is a legal responsibility and people should help the government in preventing illegal adoption.

In a series of tweets, SmritiIrani said illegal adoption can be detrimental to the child’s wellbeing and can also result in child trafficking.

If you know of any cases of children orphaned or semi-orphaned due to the covid-19 crisis, please contact Childline by calling 1098. Their social workers will get in touch and will handle the rest.

A lot of posts are being circulated these days regarding the adoption of children.

If you know of anyone who has either “adopted” a child or is putting a child up for “adoption” without involving CARA, please immediately inform Childline by calling 1098.

Proper legal process must always be followed in case of adoptions. Taking home a child, even with the knowledge/ consent of family members and/ or neighbors is ILLEGAL.

Even if the people concerned are not prosecuted now, they and the child will run into many legal barriers as the child grows up and starts needing legal documents. All of us want to see the orphaned children resettled in homes where they will be loved. We want to give them affection and help them forget the trauma. We may think that the legal route takes too long. But the legal route exists for the protection of the child.

At Samarpan Society, the best NGO for Children in Dehradun, we provide shelter to homeless and orphaned children in accordance with the laws and system. Samarpan Shelters are committed and equipped to give them right care and education so they don’t miss out on the offerings of life.

Before any adoption, sufficient due diligence is done to ensure that ‘adoption’ is not a cover for child trafficking or for harvesting internal organs. The adoption agency also needs to be convinced that the family is mentally and financially in a position to provide a home for the adopted child.

Legal issues about the property belonging to the parents of the children also need to be sorted out before the children are put up for adoption. So, if you find any posts relating to the adoption of orphaned children, please immediately request the person to take the post down, and bring the case to the notice of Childline by calling 1098.

A lot of NGOs in Dehradun are working towards this issue effectively. You can also inform us if you come across such issues that need attention. Remember, Child Rights are equally important as any other rights in the country. Let us act responsibly in this dark hour and help the orphaned children live a better and healthy life.

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