Gift A Brighter Future to Needy Ones

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Gift A Brighter Future to Needy Ones

India still struggles with the problem of Illiteracy. With a 74.04% literacy rate, its effect on children is complex. There are around 472 million under 18 children in the country which accounts for 39% of the population.

This 39% population is part of a sad and disturbing reality. 1 out of 4 children is out of school. 99 million children have dropped out of school and out of every 100 children, only 32 finish their school in time. According to District Information System for Education, only 2% of the schools offer complete school education from Class 1 to Class 12. While 35% of children in India with disabilities remain out of Elementary school, the National Dropout Rate at the Elementary Level is over 40%.

These stats are a reality check to not just the people responsible, but also common people. While we have a goal of universal elementary education in our minds, this is the ground reality.  Best child NGO in Dehradun, Samarpan society has efficiently understood the ongoing condition of Child Education in the country.

Adult illiteracy also has effects on the education of children. Illiterate adults are not likely to send their children to school.  Uneducated mothers are prone to malnutrition and anemia.  To break the vicious intergenerational cycle of abuse, poverty, and malnutrition, only education is the essential tool.

For over two decades, Samarpan, the best Child NGO in Dehradun, has worked with communities at the grassroots level to spread awareness about child rights. We empower the community to help children get access to schools. Through our advocacy with the government and responsible authorities at the local, state, and national level, we make sure that every child is provided with the necessary services that aids his/her Right to Development.

The Best Child NGO in Dehradun, Samarpan a team of exceptional, selfless people who are always working towards providing better education and facilities for the unprivileged sectors of society. But to support various critical cases, support from MNCs plays a big role in aiding to understand the needs and areas where we can help you help us and identify the best-suited areas to invest and contribute to an educated society.

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